What does it mean to be romantic?

Ok, well the idea of this blog is to become more romantic, well what does that exactly mean? Ok I do have my own idea, but let’s do what I do best let’s google it.

Dictionary.com says that romance as a verb means to indulge in fanciful or extravagant stories or daydreams. Wow, I was way off, this sounds kind of silly doesn’t it. I was thinking that being romantic had to do with doing nice things for your girlfriend/ wife that makes them happy. Do I have to create a story and become an actor? I have a little issue with pretending life is different than it actually is, I think life is exciting as it is. I don’t think we should have to make things up to be romantic, and I don’t think I will be doing that.  I plan on doing certain things that are thoughtful and fun and that I know my wife will enjoy. I won’t pretend but I may surprise and do something unexpected. What do you think?

I have already come up with my first romantic idea, but I want to keep it a secret until after it happens. I will be mostly reporting my encounters and romantic attempts after the fact as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for my wife and in turn hope to make it more exciting.


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